Hedge Fund Manager Bill Ackman claims Herbalife is a Pyramid Scheme. Watch MLM Legend Tim Sales shoot down the MLM Pyramid Scheme Claim by Bill Ackman and Watch Tim Sales MLM Expert discredit Pyramidschemealert.org “critic” Robert Fitzpatrick.
Like he’s done on numerous occasions in the past, Tim Sales, MLM advocate, creator of Brilliant Compensation and founder of First Class MLM Tools has stepped up to the plate in big fashion to defend the interest of MLM representatives and their companies.

This time around, Herbalife is being targeted by an individual with an hidden agenda and has bee getting a lot of negative press in both online and offline medias in the following… to the great profit of the individual.

Watch the video in which Tim exposes who is behind this raid and why he is attacking Herbalife. Also get to listen to what Tim asks all network marketing professionals to do in regards to this particular issue.

Before you do, here’s a hint on what the Legend has to say:

There is a man by the name of Bill Ackman who has been spreading false information about Herbalife in an attempt to bring down the value of their stock.

This man allegedly wants to protect the poor Herbalife distributors from the company… how so…

Tim presents the man behind the Herbalife attack and what his real motivation is! (Millions of dollars he’ll be making if the stock falls down due to the negative press and chaos created by the attack). He gives explanation on how Ackman will make his millions by short selling the stock…

It’s nothig new you’ll tell me… And you’re right. Barry Minkow got “famous” for trying a similar trick with Usana Health Sciences and other big MLM companies years ago…

The story has been out there for a while now and it got to the attention of Tim… Who decided to pause is work on his new downline and to devote some time to demystify the true facts.

Tim’s message has generated a lot of buzz on the social networks since last Saturday so you’ve probably got to see it out of a news feed or you might have already shared it yourself.

When Tim Sales speaks out, people listen. And his message for networkers from all over the industry and for Herbalife reps and customers could not be clearer: Support Herbalife, Support the Industry.

I like to compare Tim to the superheros… When the Network Marketing industry is in Need, you can count on him to be in the frontline and defend the common interest and what it stands for. He’s done that over and over again. (With great powers come great responsibilities… Tim’s the superman of MLM…)

His passion and commitment for our profession along with dedication to training are the reasons why I became such a fan of Tim and why I did not hesitate to get involved with him in his inner circle team in buinding an organization in a new company when he got out of retirement months ago.

He genuinely cares and truly knows what he is doing! He not only excels in whatever he touches… he masters it like no other in the profession…

People contact me very often wanting to know about the training that Tim developed specifically for our team and the other tools that he’s developped. If you’ve ever gave a thought of what it would be like working with Tim Sales or if you simply are curious to see the customized training and presentation he’s put together for my team, complete the form below.

Support Herbalife in this time of turmoil. Support your industry.



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Tim SalesEver wonder what it would be like if you you could sit down for a couple of hours with a pen and paper and write down everything you want to achieve this year… and like magic… see all of your goals materialize over the next couple months?

Stop wondering, sit down calmly and listen carefully…

Few people know how to succeed in Network Marketing likeTim Sales. Tim’s made tens of millions with numerous businesses and he’s coached thousands of networkers to become professional and to succeed in Network Marketing.

So when Tim talks, I listen… and I mean listen carefully! That why I wanted to share with you a conference call we had recently where we had Tim Sales as guest speaker for our team.

On this call, Tim highlights the number one single, fastest and easiest way to succeed in Network Marketing this year and for the years to come.

He also explains specific reasons why motivation does not work except in one particular scenario…

Let me stop here or I’ll end up ruining Tim’s message trying to explain it… so I’ll let Tim fill in the details himself:

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There’s no magic here. But I was able to go from struggles building online to recruiting people out of four international markets (without ever seen the people I sponsored) last year using a 3-step formula that works like magic… See Why It Worked for me to succeed in Network Marketing:

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Here’s an interesting website you can use to help you locate your where your prospect lives when you have access to his phone number. Just fill in the area code and it will give you the Time for that particular number.

Don’t forget that is not 100% safe as people with mobile phone can move withing states or provinces keeping their number. It usually is a great indication and helps you determine if its a good time to give a first call.


MLM Training vs Military Training

Last week-end I travelled to Phoenix Arizona for a specialized training with our leaders and had the pleasure to hear my partner Tim Sales describe the main reason most mlm training fail.

If one piece is missing, you just can’t succeed. That one piece can kill your new reps and destroy your entire business.

In the Military, the special forces have special training. That’s what makes them special. MLM requires special training too if you don’t want to get the results of the masses.

This is what is explained in this short video. It took more than 400 hours of scripting, editing, video shooting to create the kind of training the industry has been in need for 60 years. It has finally arrived…

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Official first post of my MLM blog

Hi Guys.

After years of being involved in the MLM/Network Market, it’s now time for me to put online my very own MLM/Network Marketing blog.

In the next days, weeks, months and years to come, I will use this blog to share with you my experience in the industry, the methods I use to develop my business as well as my general thoughts on what is need to obtain success in this new era of communication and business relations.

I will also cover the primary importance of having top quality training to be able make your business grow each and every day.

For now, the blog post will be mostly in english but you might see some french content from now and then as my french canadian roots my surface up in the coming months.

I hope the information I will provide you will be as useful for you as it is for me and I hope we can exchange or knowledge and help us acheive even more by doing so.

I will be please to receive your questions and comments and will make sure to get back to you…

Here is to your decision of taking part of the MLM industry!

All the best,


Soon Online

Be sure to come visit my site in the next few days as I will start posting articles and thoughts on how to jump start your MLM business or ways to boost it on a daily basis.

Sorry for the delay, have been dealing with technical issues.

See you there.